Concrete Pumping

Concrete Pumping

NOTE:  Due to high demand, we are only pumping concrete which we supply.  We won’t pump concrete from other suppliers.

Employ our concrete pumping service for those hard to reach areas.  The cost is minimal versus the cost of moving the concrete by any other means.

Concrete Pumping is Ideal For:

  • Long distance pumping (up to 500 feet from truck)
  • Concrete delivery up hill or into second or third stories of structure
  • Concrete delivery down hill where wheel barrow work is dangerous
  • Concrete delivery in tight spaces, such as through a basement window
  • Concrete delivery over protected terrain, such as wet ground, new grass, decorative driveways, patios, etc.

***  Be sure to order an extra half of a yard of concrete if you are using the pump.  That is how much concrete it takes to fill the pump and the line in order to get the proper amount of concrete to the pour.

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