Explanation of Mobile Mix Process

You can order small volumes of concrete from us.  On our truck, when we arrive at your location, we have the raw materials required for concrete including aggregate, water, sand and cement. When we are located at your job, the mechanism on the truck, mixes the raw materials and out comes concrete.

Either the truck can back up to the formed area, or concrete can be placed in wheelbarrows to be moved to the exact location you require.




Typical Concrete By  The Yard Concrete Jobs

If you need to have concrete mixed fresh, on site for any of these types of concrete jobs, please call us now! Some of the jobs are typically, smaller volumes of under seven (7) yards.  Other jobs require larger volumes, but also require the use of a mobile mix concrete truck also known as a volumetric concrete truck.

  • Sonotubes
    • Fence Posts
    • Deck Foundations
    • Sign Posts
  • Flat Surfaces
    • Boiler Pads
    • Patios
    • Driveways
    • Spa Decks
    • Condenser Pads
    • Compressor Pads
    • Storage Shed Pads
    • Pool Coping
    • Airplane Tie Down Pads
    • Dumpster Pads
  • More Flat Surfaces
    • In-Slab Radiant Heating
    • Slab Cut Refills for Plumbing, Electrical and Drainage
  • Specialty Addons to Concrete
    • Fast Hardening
    • Air Entrained AdMix
    • Plasticizer
    • Water Reducer
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pool Steps
  • Flow Fill

Why Choose Short Load

Concrete By The Yard, The Least Cost Alternative

Small Volume Delivery of Concrete Using Our Trucks is a Less Expensive Way to Get Concrete. See comparison with buying bags at home improvement store.

Yes, it is significantly less expensive, not counting less work, to use our mobile mix concrete trucks, rather than buying bags of concrete at the big box store and mixing it yourself. Suppose you need just a couple yards of concrete at your location. It takes 60 of the 60# bags to make one yard. The price per bag at the national home improvement companies is about $2.57 per bag. Then you would need a mixer because you and your neighbors can’t mix that much concrete by hand. Mixer rental cost is about $50 per day. Next you need to transport the concrete and mixer, meaning at least another $50 to rent a truck. You are now easily over $400 for two yards. Call us and we will be less expensive and much less work and risk for you.

1 Yard 2 Yards 3 Yards Volume need to complete your job
60 120 180 Number of 60 lb Bags at 60 bags per yard
$154 $308 $462 Cost of bags at $2.57 per bag (from major home improvement store)
$50 $50 $50 Mixer Rent per day
$50 $50 $50 Truck Rent to bring the bags home and return unused bags (assuming you get the job done in one day)
$254 $408 $562 TOTAL COST (not counting aches and pains plus payback to neighbors and relatives for helping you)


Concrete By the Yard Volumetric Trucks are Less Expensive (Then Even Barrel Truck Delivery of Concrete)

Barrel Trucks hold 9 or so yards. If you only need three yards, You are going to be charged an extra trip charge. You also have to pay an extra clean out fee. They charge you for what you order and you are likely to order a little extra just in case. If they have leftover concrete, many will dump the extra at your location, which could be a big problem.  Ordering a less than full load from a normal barrel truck concrete company is just not a good idea.

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The Convenience of Having Concrete Delivered by Concrete By The Yard

Flexibility, You Get the Concrete That You Need

If you determine you need a certain amount of concrete, but while pouring the concrete job, you realize you need more concrete, that is no problem with Concrete By The Yard.  They can make more concrete with the materials on their truck as you need it.
Concrete needed for the following.
Just Call us
  • Specialty Concrete Mixes
  • Exact Control of the Slump
  • Contractor Programs

Secondly, you may have calculated that you need more than you really need.  In that case, there is no problem.  The concrete is made on site, on the truck.  Once you have the concrete you need for your patio or retaining wall, the machine operator can simply stop it.  Very simple.

Slump Control:

Slump control is very important when you are pouring concrete on a slope, such as a downward sloping sidewalk or driveway.  It the concrete is too runny (too wet), it won’t stay in the forms.  We have slump control so that we can control the mix to meet your needs.

Easy Cleanup:

At the end of the pour, our truck just drives away. If you use an alternative method, you may be disposing of used and unused concrete sacks and/or cleaning out a cement mixer.  If a barrel truck delivered your concrete, you may be trying to figure out what to do with the left over concrete dumped on your property.